International panel represents government, academia, and business: AI For Indonesia

On February 13, 2020 We hosted a discussion panel in our AI research lab PLaiGROUND at ITB (Bandung Institute of Technology).

The theme is “AI for Indonesia: The Hope and Challenges”. The event is to help advance AI for Indonesia in an impactful way by learning from our panelists who are from diverse professional backgrounds and experiences in AI. The international panel represents government (Bappenas Expert Advisor to the Minister), academia (Business and Technology Professors from ITB, The Head of Carnegie Mellon University – Australia, AI Practitioner and Instructor from NUS) and business (The Head of AI Research at Bukalapak). The moderator is none other than our CEO, Krishna Ariadi Pribadi.

The discussions were lively, addressing strategic, ethical, policy and practical aspects of AI for Indonesia. A few discussion highlights from the panelists are:
Use AI wisely and responsibly to help Indonesia leap forward; Identify inefficiency and pain points to apply AI for quick wins; Leverage Indonesia’s strength such as diversity and scale; Solve Indonesia problems that are unique and will not be solved by other country; Leverage data for policy and decision making with Government Intelligence (similar to Business Intelligence); Address data responsibility and bias upfront.

The panelists (left-right):
Rama Yudo Wirawan, Master of Science in Public Policy Carnegie Mellon University Australia.
Drs. Oktorialdi, MA, Ph.D, Expert Advisor to the Minister of Bappenas, for Equity and Regional Development.
Dr. William Tjhi, Artificial Intelligence Practitioner, National University of Singapore.
Prof. Dr. Emil P. Bolongaita, Head of Carnegie Mellon University Australia & Distinguished Service Professor.
Prof. Dr. Ir. Bambang Riyanto Trilaksono, Professor at School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, ITB.
Dr. Manahan Siallagan, Director of Big Data Analysis and Social Simulation Laboratory ITB.
Dr. Muhammad Ghiffary, Head of Artificial Intelligence, Bukalapak.
Krisna Ariadi Pribadi, CEO COGNIXY

After the panel discussion, all were invited to visit our AI research lab PLaiGROUND. There are several showcases from PLaiGROUND members and PLaiDEA winners, such as aquatic waste detector, batik generator, automatic waste sorting, etc. All of these project adopted Artificial Intelligence for solution of their problems.

Please go to to learn more and download their insightful presentation materials