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We are Cognixy

Your partner in making Indonesia 4.0

Implementing Indonesia 4.0

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is the driving force of Indonesia 4.0. AI will improve our product quality, increase efficiency and effectiveness, better prediction and forecast and a new innovation in technology.

AI machine learning and deep learning will produce a data product or even a new technology and startup.

Indonesia needs a new innovation to compete with other countries and these can be achieved by using AI in every area of life. That is why Cognixy is established.

The Technology Stack

Face Recognition

People Tracking

Object Detection

Our Solutions

People Management

  • Intelligent Attendance System
  • Behaviour Analytics
  • People Tracking System


  • Intelligent Security System
  • City Surveillance

Public Facilities

  • IoT River Surveillance
  • Road Crack Surveillance

Business Innovation

  • AI Centre of Excellence
  • Industry 4.0

Public Services

  • Smart Driving License Test
  • Public safety


  • Impression Tracker System


AI Research Lab

See our newly launched PLaiGROUND in collaboration with Institut Teknologi Bandung


Institut Teknologi Bandung

News & Updates

On February 13, 2020 We hosted a discussion panel in our AI research lab PLaiGROUND at ITB (Bandung Institute of Technology). The theme is “AI for Indonesia: The Hope and Challenges”. The event is to help …
In Monday October 28th 2019, we will unveil the collaboration between Institut Teknologi Bandung and Cognixy for the future of AI for Indonesia. Visit this link to find out!

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